Wednesday, 22 September 2010

V for Vendetta

A prop Heckler-Koch HK G36 assualt rifle used in the 2005 movie V for Vendetta.

This rifle can be seen at the end of the film when the army take to the streets when the crowds begin congregating wearing their 'V' masks.

The rifle is made of hard rubber and painted matt black, the prop rifle has detailing on the side which has been touched up in red and white paint. There is a canvas strap attached to the underside of the rifle.

Comes complete with COA from the prop company where I purchased it.

Band Of Brothers Medals & Insignia

Here we have a complete set of Band of Brothers world war II 101st Airborne dress uniform insignia.

The set consists of seventeen individual pieces including rank insignia, the famed 'Screaming Eagle' 2 part insignia, jump wings, Presidential citation and various other pieces.

These items where production made, but I can't confirm that all the piece where screen used - as there was no COA.

When I got the lot they came unmounted, I have since mounted them to a shadowbox frame and presented them in away that all items are visable.


Here we have a Babylon 5 production prop. Sourced from the series original prop design studio this a Babylon 5 stunt version PPG handgun.

Solid cast in a weathered finish for stunt scenes and for shots where cast members were not featured in close-up.

The power cell on this version was cast integral to the gun and is not removable. Only the polished aluminium & steel hero version had this feature.

The prop has been mounted and out into a shadow box frame with toughened glass, there is a full official certificate of authenticity on the reverse.