Monday, 31 May 2010

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "Engineering & Security Uniform"

A costume featured in various episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
This costume is a long sleeved, full length black Starfleet uniform
jumpsuit featuring engineering & security gold division colours
around the shoulders.

The uniform has form fitting black elastic, a velcro patch for a comm badge with stirrups for the feet. A long sleeved blue-gray undershirt as is also part of this uniform.

There are sewn in deep space nine tags that denotes wear by multiple actors.

The comm badge is a replica by Federation Surplus with the rank pips have been sourced from elsewhere.


  1. Paramount also sells Starfleet uniforms; among the styles is the so-called "DS9-style" uniform, which is primarily black with a division color (red for command, yellow for engineering or security, blue for medical and the sciences) on the shoulders.some more things of star trek deep space nine episodes are popular in market.

  2. where i can buy such a great uniform?
    I come from germany and i search this a long long time...Thanks for help ;-)