Saturday, 23 April 2011

Star Wars Yoda

One of the newest pieces I have added to my collection is a full size 1:1 Master Yoda from the Star Wars universe. Although my first love is Star Trek and then Babylon 5, I have always wanted a couple of specific pieces from Star Wars and a full size Yoda was at the top of my list.
My Yoda is made of thick padded rubber latex mounted over a solid frame which has been fixed to the wooden base. It has been professionally painted to the correct colours and comes with seperate claws, hair and inset acrylic eyes.
Also included with this piece is his belt with attached herb pouches, a removable talisman and a removable walking stick.
I am really chuft with the piece and even though it is a replica, it is an excellent work of art and will take pride of place in my growing collection.

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  1. Hey, I recently managed to find one of these, and I'm considering purchasing it. I was just wondering if you could tell me much more about it. When and where were they made? How rare are they? From what I gather they seem to be very rare, as google search as only turned up about 2 results for this particular statue. Any answers you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thank you.